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Its been a great couple days here in Italy. Im getting to know the culture more and learning a few more words than i used to. Even some slang words 😉

Today was really great. We got to explore Venice before we got dinner in ferrara. It was crazy how there are no cars there. Just boats in the city. We saw the church that they stole bits and pieces from the time of the crusades. We drank cappuccinos in the first espresso bar in Italy. We are lunch in an ok spot. Hahaha. Nothing really special about lunch besides the fact that it was over priced. And we got to walk around a beautiful city.

We talked about raising up disciples in our respected areas of ministry. It was good to see our views and learn from each other.

For dinner we ate with a couple who live in ferrara. They were greats hosts. We talked about the struggles of being a missionary in Italy. A big thing here is people will be nice to you, but when they find out that you are a Christian, they don’t want to talk with you anymore. They think that since you are a Christian you will want to take money from them. This is a big struggle here and we should be praying for this situation. The missionaries can often feel alone out here. This really touched me as a topic i should be praying more about.

After dinner we drove to the hostel where we are staying the next two nights. Our room is hot, smells like guys, and currently there is someone snoring extremely loud. I hope i can get some sleep.


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