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Music in Italy

The time in Italy has been so great. The hospitality of the people here is overwhelming and they are so humble in everything they do.

Thank you so much for your prayers on this trip. We can see that many are getting answered. People were able to see that there is an evangelical church in the city and that you can play music outside the church.

Playing a Christian concert outside the church in America doesn’t seem like a big deal, but in Italy its huge. Many people believe that Christian music should be kept inside the church and that its very bad to play outside to the non Christians. But isn’t that why Jesus came? He came for the lost, not the saved! We should be using our talents to reach people who don’t know Jesus.

Its a slow progression to see this happen, but in time we will see God do amazing things through music in Italy. Im honored and humbled to be a part of this ministry. We want to see more Christian music and worship songs written in the Italian language. We want to give the Italians the tools and education to write their own songs and to see the churches in Italy unite to reach the people outside the church.

Again, thank you again for your continued prayers in all this. It may take years to accomplish, but in Gods timing we will see miracles happen.


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Love Hate Relationship With Spotify

I remember days when I would save up my money, go to the record store, and pick out a new album I’d been waiting to release for months. I would even count down the days up to the release. I couldn’t wait to open the album up, read the lyrics, look at the artwork, and listen to the album from front to back. I would listen intently to every track and pick up on things the musicians worked hard at mastering. A drum fill placed in just the right spot. A guitar tone that was perfect for the song. These were the little things that made me want to be a musician.

Nowadays, there are so many streaming services that it makes it easy to consume an all-you-can-listen buffet of music. I have a Spotify account and enjoy using it everyday. It allows me to listen and share the albums I like and I can fall in love with new artists that I find without having to fork out a bunch of cash. There is just one problem with this. I’m not appreciating the art of music on Spotify as much as I did in the record store days.

When I listen on Spotify, I listen to an album a few times and I’m quick to jump to the next artist. I don’t listen to every track and pick it apart for its quality. Often times, its just background music and I’m not even paying attention to it. Sure, there are times when I listen to new albums and I enjoy it just as I did in the old CD days, but most of the time, I’m just letting the music go in one ear and out the other.

Do I think Spotify is bad. No. I think its great for music discovery and helps cut down on the piracy of music. I’m just saying that it’s making the art of music less valuable. People aren’t appreciating music as much and they feel entitled to new music all the time. If an artist doesn’t release something every year, then their fans think they stopped playing music. This makes an artist put less time into song writing and making it an art form that’s truly of themselves. Often times, it makes the artist just pump out “hits” or different renditions of their old albums.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get back to the days of music being a valued item, but maybe we can start to appreciate it a little more by realizing that artists spent months or years coming up with the songs on the album. Take more time to listen to albums and appreciate the time that was spent making them.

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