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7 Wins From Italy

I’m sitting here in the JFK airport on a 7 hour layover waiting for our flight back home and reflecting on some of the victories we had in Italy. Its easy to view Italy as a vacation country and wonder why you would want to go there in a mission trip. Thats what I used to think before I started going and helping out some of the churches. Thanks to friends like Brandon Bee and Michael Bahn, we are able to see some fruit from our labor in the country.

1. We helped with the first Christian outreach event that the city of Verbania (a little north of Milan) has had. It was a Christian concert, which is common in the U.S. but is very rare in Italy.

2. We were able to do some song writing while we were in the country. Having close Italian friends to help with the translation is always helpful. The more songs we can get written in Italian the better.

3. We were able to connect with an event promoter. From my understanding he only likes to work with talented acts for events he puts on, and he liked what we did in Verbania so praise God for that!

4. We were able to get a better feel for the country and the needs it has for what our ministry does. Its one of those things that is hard to dream up until you build relationships with locals and hang out in the country.

5. We were able to encourage a church plant in ferrara. The pastor there for years was the only one he knew that has the same beliefs as him. It was only a few months ago that he was able to connect with another small group in the city.

6. We were able to see some of the culture in ferrara and pray over the city. I could literally feel the oppression and lack of joy in the city. It was very heavy. I had to really rely on God’s strength to get me through those few days because it weighed my spirit down.

7. We were able to encourage musicians in the area that dont have a way to share their talents in the church. A lot of them are really talented, but their churches dont want them to play music in church. Therefore, a lot of them just hang up their instrument. It was good to talk to them and encourage them to keep playing!

There are a lot more small wins we had, but these are the biggest on my heart right now.

Yes, it is a beautiful country and yes we had some fun days, but nonetheless we accomplished what God had us there to do. Thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers. I hope one day we can all go to Italy together!

God bless,


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Flying and Rehearsing

We’ve now been in Italy for 2 days and we are learning some of the language already. Although when I say some, i mean we can say “hello” and thats about it. The hospitality of the Italians is so great and its such a blessing to be here.

Flying here was a little bit of a hassle. We were late getting to the airport, but luckily our flight was delayed. The problem was it was delayed too much. When we landed to catch our connecting flight, it was taking off right when we landed, so we had to be rescheduled for another flight. We then spent a couple hours lost in the airport and going through security again because we had to check in again. We got a spot in the middle of the last row on a flight 3 hours later next to a guy snoring, but we got on a flight! 🙂

When we landed we were greeted by Davide. He spent some time in utah to attend the school of worship. We went to davide’s family’s house to meet everyone and they gave us a warm welcome. After a delicious lunch we tried to stay up, but my eyelids were too heavy so i took a nap. We were able to take a walk by the lake with everyone that night which was fun. Today we spent all day rehearsing with the two Italian musicians playing with us. It was long, but very productive. Everyone came to the church to eat lunch together. We rehearsed more after lunch and then we went to the lake to see where the festival would be. The stage we will be doing the outreach is right on the lake, so you couldn’t ask for a better location. God has blessed is with this opportunity more than i had imagined.

At the lake we watched 3 row teams race on the lake. The Italians were out to watch the event. There row down to a marker together, go around and come back. But there is also a guy in a speedo on the boat. When they get about 50 feet from shore, speedo guy jumps off, swims , and has to climb a rope and grab a flag. It was pretty entertaining for sure. After we rehearsed some more and played some ping pong with friends from the church.

Now, im going to bed because i am super tired, but i will write about how the outreach goes tomorrow.


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Planes & Airports

Day 1 India

Planes airports planes airports planes……airports….planes.

That has been the theme of the day. We started with an hour and a half flight from salt lake to seattle. In seattle we had about a 2 hour layover and then it was on to our 9 hour flight to Amsterdam. We had to go straight to the next flight there because our layover was o ky 50 minutes. Then it was an 8 hour flight to Dehli. Once there we waited for our final 2 hour flight to Kolkata. The only bad thing was that the wait was 8 hours. Our day was made a little better when we found a Starbucks and it happened to be really cool looking. If Greg were to describe it, he would say “Tribe.”

So we are tired and running on fumes, but excited to serve in India and to build new relationships. Pray for our strength since our bodies are on complete opposite schedules here, (Its about a 12 hour difference) and for our health since there are some different kinds of foods we’ll encounter.

Tomorrow I’ll post about our first day in Kolkata.


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Overcoming Fear

Something in my life I’m overcoming through the help of Jesus Christ is fear. Fear used to have a big hold on my life and prevented me from becoming the person God made me to be. The fear I experienced often lead me to be self conscious and to shut off from the world. When this happened, lies would start pouring into my head. I’d tell myself: “I’m not good enough. I can’t do it. I’ll never look like that. I’ll never achieve that.” These thoughts would wear on me until I would start to believe them.

When I started to have a closer relationship with Jesus, he started to show me that the lies were only causing me harm. They weren’t thoughts that brought out my true self and they were doing more than controlling my thoughts; they were controlling my life. I’m not made to have fear control my life. In fact, when God made me, he didn’t make me with a spirit of fear. 2 Timothy 1:7 says:

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear, but of power and love and self control.”

When I put fear in my life it holds power over me. This is not what God wants. God wants to have the power in my life. When I allow him to take over all areas of my life, I lose all fear, all anxiety, and all self consciousness. For this to happen, I had to be willing to let him change in me. I had to surrender ALL of me. That’s the hardest part. But, when I took that step of faith, that’s when I experienced God’s promises.

I’m not saying that I never struggle with fear anymore, but by God’s grace, I’m able to experience a freedom from it. I’m able to experience a life without fear because I know my God is with me. When I put my complete faith in Him, I have nothing to fear.

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