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For those that know me, you know that I have a big heart for worshiping God through music. Its a passion of mine and a gift God gave me. I’ve had the opportunity to help lead people into worship many times and its humbling that God allows me to use something that I love to serve him.

Here in the U.S. worship through music at church is common. We have thousands of songs to choose from that we can understand and use to enter into worship. It relates to our culture and our lives which makes it easier. In Italy, they often use our songs written in English and translate them to Italian. This works for some songs, but most of the time the translation is poor and the words don’t translate in a way that makes sense. For example, the song we sing called “Open the Eyes of my Heart” would be translated to “Open the Pupils of my Heart.” It just doesn’t quite work or have the same flow to it.

We have been building relationships with Italians over the past few years and have had the opportunity to help them write worship songs in Italian that relate to their culture. I think the total number of Italian worship songs is now around 25. Significantly lower than the U.S.

I now have the opportunity to go serve over in Italy in August. This will be my second time there and I am really excited. I know God is going to do huge things with this trip and I can’t wait to see what it is.

Last time I went to Italy I had the opportunity to teach at a worship conference in Rome. It was amazing to see how many people wanted to learn how to worship God through music and I’m still humbled at how God used me there! One of my favorite moments from that trip was when we were gathered in a small church, (probably the size of an average Starbucks) and we held a worship service. I could feel God moving through the room and even though we were singing in different languages, the power of God was the same. It was one of the best memories of my life.

The logistics of trips take a lot of time and preparation and can often be stressful. If you could please pray for me and the rest of the team going I would greatly appreciate it. Please be praying for: guidance, discernment, strength, planning of the trip, and finances of the trip. We plan everything, which includes the money to go on the trip. I believe God is going to provide for this trip and I’m already budgeting for it. If you do feel called to give towards this trip, please visit this page:

If you aren’t able to support the trip through finances, then prayer is even more appreciated. I know God moves in ways we cannot even think of when we pray.

I’m looking forward to sharing more about this trip soon and excited to see how God moves in the lives of our Italian friends!
God Bless,

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