Recording an Italian Artist

Today has been weird, but also productive. Everyone was really tired after getting back late last night, so we all woke up at different times and some of us slept longer than others. Haha.

We were able to relax and hang out with everyone and by the lake. We swam and got some sun. The water wasn’t too cold, but I’m a whitey so i can’t stay out in the sun for too long. 🙁

After the beach we went into a music studio that is close to where we’re staying. We are recording a few songs for an artist named Davide Sforza. (Well actually Brandon is recording and I’m here to help when he asks for it). Davide is really talented and writes really catchy songs. He will use these songs to reach people outside the church as well as in the church. He says he likes to play music for people outside the church because he wants them to hear the gospel and to know who Jesus is. Im excited to see how these songs will help expand his ministry.

After this we walked home and grabbed some coffee before dinner. Then we all walked down by the water and saw some of the city where Davide Di Lecce lives. Tomorrow we’ll play a concert in town again.


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