Planes & Airports

Day 1 India

Planes airports planes airports planes……airports….planes.

That has been the theme of the day. We started with an hour and a half flight from salt lake to seattle. In seattle we had about a 2 hour layover and then it was on to our 9 hour flight to Amsterdam. We had to go straight to the next flight there because our layover was o ky 50 minutes. Then it was an 8 hour flight to Dehli. Once there we waited for our final 2 hour flight to Kolkata. The only bad thing was that the wait was 8 hours. Our day was made a little better when we found a Starbucks and it happened to be really cool looking. If Greg were to describe it, he would say “Tribe.”

So we are tired and running on fumes, but excited to serve in India and to build new relationships. Pray for our strength since our bodies are on complete opposite schedules here, (Its about a 12 hour difference) and for our health since there are some different kinds of foods we’ll encounter.

Tomorrow I’ll post about our first day in Kolkata.


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