Outreach on the Lake

The outreach yesterday went great. About 1500 people came out to the event and are now aware that there is a church in the city that they can go to. This is huge for Italy. Having an event like this one was a huge milestone in the culture here and it was such a blessing to be a part of.

We started the day with sound check in the afternoon. This had its normal problems technically, but we got it all worked out. One of the drummers in Italy brought his drumset for me to use, which was really nice. Its a very nice set, which made playing and live sound a lot easier. After we finished sound check the other bands checked and practiced too.

Night set in and we began the event. It started with davide di lecce’s band leading worship. They did awesome and i even recognized some Italian versions of American songs. I had never heard davide lead by himself even though he was hanging out in utah for 3 months, so that was good to hear. Next a lady name dawn lead some gospel songs and brought down the house. Her vocals were incredible.

We played after her and it went great. It was incredible to see so many people hearing the gospel through songs on a lake in Italy. It will be a moment ill remember forever. Luckily i only messed up once. Hahaha. It was pretty fierce, but i recovered right away.

After we were done everyone played another short set to end the night. After we packed up and got pizza. What else would you do after a concert in Italy? 😉

We have the day off today so we are going to relax with everyone who worked so hard to out the event on. Thank you for your continued prayers. Saturday we will be playing again in a theatre in town here.


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