Opening Night

Today day went really well. We moved from the place where we were staying to the church’s guest house which is located near china town. It makes for some interesting sites and for a fun, crazy car ride.

Once at the church we prepared for the opening night. That included prayer, dialing in the sound, tuning up the drums, and thankfully no more instruments broke.

They fed us some glory homemade food today and as usual the spices were great.


They started the night with some dancers who put on a great show. Next we lead worship. The spirit was moving big time here. It was great to enter in the presence with everyone. A peaked from Dubai then gave a message of hope and love. He came from a background of drugs and addiction, so it was great for these kids to hear his story. The best part of the night was when over 200 kids gave their lives to Jesus!!! We go to pray with a lot of kids that were struggling with addictions and depression. Praise God for this opportunity.


Afterwards we are dinner with everyone and swapped stories of ministry. We asked how the attendance was for this year compared to other years. The youth pastor said that it is better than past years. The opening night is usually low because most people come on the weekends, but tonight there was about 25% more than a normal opening night.

Im excited for a full day of the conference tomorrow. We are almost adjusted to the time zone.

Thank you for all of you that are praying. Pray for more lives to be changed over the next few days and that our energy holds up. Pray also specifically for Brandon’s voice to hold up since he will be singing a lot for the next few days.


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