Night Two

Do you ever feel called to feed the people who can’t afford to eat? How about feeding 10,000 of them a year? How about feeding 10,000 a day? Sounds crazy right? But that’s what the church in Kolkata does everyday.


It started in 1964 when the pastor saw a kid on the street who wasn’t able to eat and was asking for food. The pastor started the feeding program and it now serves 2 meals to 10,000 people a day.

We saw how it was prepared and how it was served. The meal is vegetarian to meet the cultural standards here. There is a 24 hour cooking schedule for all the meals to make sure there is always enough for everyone.


Its amazing how God provides for this everyday. It challenged me to to be more selfless in my actions.

After, this we sound checked and got everything ready to lead worship. The spirit was moving tonight for sure, although the first couple songs were rough. Brandon broke a string, a bass amp blew, but through prayer everything got fixed and we were able to have the last songs go really smooth. The bass amp even came back.

The speaker tonight was from Laos, and he preached on how to use are lives as a reflection of the gospel. It was powerful to hear his story of how he does this with his family. They aren’t allowed to preach in public, so they have to live by this model. Its when we show love to people that they will see who Jesus is in our lives. Another way that tonight challenged me to be selfless.

There were more lives changed tonight. More new believers and more rededicated lives. Praise God for that.

Im excited to for tomorrow and to connect with more people. God is working in India! Thank you for all the continued prayers.


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