Location Based Music

Music can take an ordinary task and add a soundtrack to it.  A rainy drive is made better by a relaxing playlist or a hard workout is made easier by an energetic song. Music engages us in ways that words can’t.

Ryan Holladay and his brother came up with the idea of a location based album, where you had to be in a certain area to hear the album.  They made their first composition for a location based in Washington, DC and just completed one made for central park.  As you move, more parts of the composition are added which engage you based on your location.  All of a sudden, a normal walk is brought to life through music.

Watch this video below to see it in action.

As a musician and a marketer I can already think of some awesome ways to use this app.  You could release an album specifically for fans in a specific area of the world.  They wouldn’t be able to hear it until they were in the location you chose.  Or to get people to a concert, you could write a song that could only be heard at specific venues on your tour.  This opens the doors to a lot of cool ways musicians can engage with their fans.  You could also compose an album that’s written to showcase one of your favorite walks or cities and how they inspire you as a musician.

What do you think of this app idea? Would you use it?

The National Mall App

Read more about Bluebrain here.



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I love it! I've been hoping for something to come out like this.