Flying and Rehearsing

We’ve now been in Italy for 2 days and we are learning some of the language already. Although when I say some, i mean we can say “hello” and thats about it. The hospitality of the Italians is so great and its such a blessing to be here.

Flying here was a little bit of a hassle. We were late getting to the airport, but luckily our flight was delayed. The problem was it was delayed too much. When we landed to catch our connecting flight, it was taking off right when we landed, so we had to be rescheduled for another flight. We then spent a couple hours lost in the airport and going through security again because we had to check in again. We got a spot in the middle of the last row on a flight 3 hours later next to a guy snoring, but we got on a flight! 🙂

When we landed we were greeted by Davide. He spent some time in utah to attend the school of worship. We went to davide’s family’s house to meet everyone and they gave us a warm welcome. After a delicious lunch we tried to stay up, but my eyelids were too heavy so i took a nap. We were able to take a walk by the lake with everyone that night which was fun. Today we spent all day rehearsing with the two Italian musicians playing with us. It was long, but very productive. Everyone came to the church to eat lunch together. We rehearsed more after lunch and then we went to the lake to see where the festival would be. The stage we will be doing the outreach is right on the lake, so you couldn’t ask for a better location. God has blessed is with this opportunity more than i had imagined.

At the lake we watched 3 row teams race on the lake. The Italians were out to watch the event. There row down to a marker together, go around and come back. But there is also a guy in a speedo on the boat. When they get about 50 feet from shore, speedo guy jumps off, swims , and has to climb a rope and grab a flag. It was pretty entertaining for sure. After we rehearsed some more and played some ping pong with friends from the church.

Now, im going to bed because i am super tired, but i will write about how the outreach goes tomorrow.


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