First Full Day in India

We were able to accomplish a lot today despite our slow start. We started off the day by waking up way too early because we are still adjusting to the time zone here. But I was able to have some quiet time and get a relaxing start to the day.

Breakfast was toast, eggs, and banana with a side of corn flakes. The corn flakes tasted like corn nuts and im pretty sure the “jelly” for the toast was just normal jello. But hey, maybe jello toast is the new thing.

After that we brought our music gear over to the church where the conference will be held. There we met many great people who are helping with the event and making us feel very welcome here. We even met someone from Washington, so that is awesome.

While they were setting up the stage, we got hungry so we went to go find a KFC. We heard its actually pretty good here. So we went walking for about 15 minutes in the direction we thought it was, but questioned are decision in direction, so we went back the other way. After going that way we questioned ourselves again and turned around. Turned out we were only a couple blocks away the first time. …. Welp. So we ate some chicken and were lucky enough to find some coffee on the way back.

(This ladder seems legit)


Once back at the church we sound checked and got things ready to go. After that the team putting on the event prayed over us and the event. We are excited to see God move here over the next 4 days!

We wanted to bless the church with some new drum heads for the drumset here. So me and Brandon took a rick shaw (spelling?) over to the music store, and that was an experience in itself. The driving is crazy here, yet everyone knows what to do.

We got back to the church safe and then ate some dinner at a restaurant near by. Tomorrow we play the first night session so be praying that that goes smooth. We already ruined 3 pieces if equipment because of faulty power converters. Pray that we dont get anymore technical difficulties.

Now im off to bed.


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