Choose To Lose

“Its only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything” – Fight Club

What if you didn’t care what other people thought?

What if you didn’t have fear that you would fail?

What would you do and how would you live your life?

These are questions that I can’t always answer because sometimes I do fear I will fail and care what other people think.  When I do that, I don’t feel free at all and I live according to the expectations of others instead of living for the one who casts out all fear: God.

God doesn’t want us to fear or have anxieties about the opinions of others. He wants to see us succeed at being ourselves.  He created each one of us different for a reason.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself because someone might say, “Oh that’s weird,” or “You can’t do that because you don’t have the skills.”  The bible is filled with unskilled people who rose up to be great leaders.  Did David care about how small he was compared to Goliath? I think we know the answer to that one. If he cared what people thought he never would’ve picked up a single stone.

Lose those things that are weighing you down. All those thoughts that you can’t be yourself or that you’ll never be good enough.  Those lies won’t let you live freely.  I can guarantee that once you choose to lose all your anxieties, you will feel free to live the life that God intended for you.

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