Location Based Music

Music can take an ordinary task and add a soundtrack to it.  A rainy drive is made better by a relaxing playlist or a hard workout is made easier by an energetic song. Music engages us in ways that words can’t. Ryan Holladay and his brother came up with the idea of a location based Read More

Music in Italy

The time in Italy has been so great. The hospitality of the people here is overwhelming and they are so humble in everything they do. Thank you so much for your prayers on this trip. We can see that many are getting answered. People were able to see that there is an evangelical church in Read More

Love Hate Relationship With Spotify

I remember days when I would save up my money, go to the record store, and pick out a new album I’d been waiting to release for months. I would even count down the days up to the release. I couldn’t wait to open the album up, read the lyrics, look at the artwork, and Read More

What’s Everyone Stompin’ About?

This week is full of friends releasing new albums. Holly Starr released a new album called “FOCUS.” It’s incredible. Another incredible album released this week is “StompTown Revival.” Its genre is “Spiritual Stomp,” which I like. If you are a fan of Mumford & Sons or NeedtoBreathe then you’ll like this album. What’s even better Read More

Holly Starr’s New Album

My friend Holly Starr just released a new album called “FOCUS.” This album has incredible lyrics and catchy melodies are all over this album. If you like Britt Nicole you’ll dig this album. She is also one of the hardest working musicians I know. Go check her album out on iTunes!

Apple Goes For Radio

I posted a blog on the Save The City Records website yesterday about how Apple will be taking on online radio. I also talk about where I see radio going. Go check it out. savethecityrecords.com/appletakesonradio

Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic

I thought this was pretty interesting. If you haven’t checked out Ryan Tedder’s (OneRepublic) song writing list, you probably should. This guy has some talent when it comes to song writing. He’s written songs for: Adele, Adam Lambert, David Cook, Beyonce, and many more. Check out this LINK HERE. (SONGS WRITTEN BY RYAN TEDDER. It Read More

Playing Disney Night of Joy

Next week I’ll have the privilege to play with Holly Starr at the Disney Night of Joy. I’ll also be able to hang out with my buddy’s Brandon Bee & Gabe Martinez of StrompTown Revival. They will be performing at the event as well. Click Here to find out more about the event.

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