A Night On The Island

I’ve been touring Denmark with Jekob for about a week now. The weather is bone chilling cold and the coffee is great. We are learning more about the Danish culture and making new friends. Last night we played a show on an island called Samso, which is very small. You could drive across it in Read More

7 Wins From Italy

I’m sitting here in the JFK airport on a 7 hour layover waiting for our flight back home and reflecting on some of the victories we had in Italy. Its easy to view Italy as a vacation country and wonder why you would want to go there in a mission trip. Thats what I used Read More


Its been a great couple days here in Italy. Im getting to know the culture more and learning a few more words than i used to. Even some slang words 😉 Today was really great. We got to explore Venice before we got dinner in ferrara. It was crazy how there are no cars there. Read More

Music in Italy

The time in Italy has been so great. The hospitality of the people here is overwhelming and they are so humble in everything they do. Thank you so much for your prayers on this trip. We can see that many are getting answered. People were able to see that there is an evangelical church in Read More

Saturday Night Concert

Tonight we had a concert in a theatre in Verbania. This was something that people from the church could invite their friends to, similar to the outreach on Thursday, but we were able to play more worship music. We played a set and shared testimonies . Gregory, Melissa, & Brandon shared tonight and it was Read More

Recording an Italian Artist

Today has been weird, but also productive. Everyone was really tired after getting back late last night, so we all woke up at different times and some of us slept longer than others. Haha. We were able to relax and hang out with everyone and by the lake. We swam and got some sun. The Read More

Outreach on the Lake

The outreach yesterday went great. About 1500 people came out to the event and are now aware that there is a church in the city that they can go to. This is huge for Italy. Having an event like this one was a huge milestone in the culture here and it was such a blessing Read More

Flying and Rehearsing

We’ve now been in Italy for 2 days and we are learning some of the language already. Although when I say some, i mean we can say “hello” and thats about it. The hospitality of the Italians is so great and its such a blessing to be here. Flying here was a little bit of Read More

Support The Mission in Italy

Hello, For those that know me, you know that I have a big heart for worshiping God through music. Its a passion of mine and a gift God gave me. I’ve had the opportunity to help lead people into worship many times and its humbling that God allows me to use something that I love Read More

Thank You for Your Support

I just want to write a thank you to all those who supported me in India. God was very present in that place and we saw hundreds of kids come to Christ for the first time. For all of you that prayed for the trip, thank you very much. Your prayers were heard and answered. Read More

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