A Night On The Island

I’ve been touring Denmark with Jekob for about a week now. The weather is bone chilling cold and the coffee is great. We are learning more about the Danish culture and making new friends.

Last night we played a show on an island called Samso, which is very small. You could drive across it in 15 minutes. In the afternoon we talked with the kids who were in their confirmation class about our lives, funny tour stories, and our testimonies. It went really well and we saw a lot of kids return for the concert that night.

The concert was held in a state church which was built with acoustics for pipe organs and not hip hop. So we had to lay back on the volume a bit, but we still made sure they were having a good time. The concert started with everyone sitting in the pews, but by the end of the night, they were all dancing and singing to the songs.

This was really needed for the church. A lot of the younger generation tends to lose interest in church because they can’t relate to the style. This is something that is a struggle among pastors here. They are seeing the youth not go to church because they can’t relate. The pastor at this particular church knows this and his willingness to have is play spoke volumes to his congregation. It showed them that yes, there needs to be some change if they are going to move forward as a church. By their reactions to the concert, they were happy that change was happening.

One person who the pastor bumped heads with for the past few years was at the concert last night. The pastor had been praying a long time for that relationship to be healed and they would get along again. After we were done, that guy went up to the pastor and gave him a hug. I’m not sure if they exchanged too many words, but the hug was obviously enough. It was a hug showing that he agreed with the pastors vision, and was glad to see the church be brought to life.

I don’t know what future weeks will bring for this church, but I hope that our short time there will encourage them to move forward. It may have been a breath of fresh air they were looking for or perhaps the inspiration they needed to move forward with their dreams. I pray that the pastor is guided with wisdom and that church will flourish with new life.

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