5 Things I Love About Denmark

Denmark is a great country to tour with music. We’ve had a great response from the people over here and have had opportunities to talk about our lives. Besides it being really cold, I’m really enjoying my time here. Here are 5 things I love about Denmark.

5. People Walk A Lot

To get around the city, you’ll see a lot of people walking. I love that you can walk down the street to get some coffee, groceries, or see a show. Also, the public transit is good here, so its easy to get around if you don’t have a car.

4. People Ride Bikes

Portland doesn’t even know about bike lanes until they’ve come here. You can’t go anywhere in the city without seeing someone riding a bike. Being a person who loves all things to do with bikes, I’m really enjoying this part of the culture. Although, I haven’t seen any BMX jumps here…yet.

3. The People Are Nice

I’ve had conversations with coffee shop owners, grocery clerks, and people random on the street. It helps that they know some English, because I can’t speak Danish at all. They are friendly and helpful.

2. People Eat Healthy

The food here is fresh and healthy. If you want to get something that isn’t that good for you, such as candy or a peppermint mocha, its going to cost you more. Everyone seems to be fit and enjoying themselves. I love how there are so many options for healthy food here. I still do enjoy Reese’s candy though 😉

1. The Coffee Is Great

I’ve had a lot of awesome coffee while I’ve been here. Everything from normal drip to espresso. It all tastes really good. There isn’t a lot of dark roasted coffee, which is awesome because that just tastes burnt. So far the best coffee shop I’ve been to is Great Coffee in Aarhus.

I should be finding more stuff to love while I’m here and will keep you updated.

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