5 Things I Can’t Believe I Did

We all have those things that we wish we could go back and undo. A lot of the time its when we are following trends.  I’m probably going to look back in 10 years and wonder why I ever wore skinny jeans, but for now I don’t care.  Here are somethings that I did that make me shake my head.

5. Wore JNCO Jeans

Seriously, who made these okay?  I remember thinking I was so cool with these over sized pants that covered my shoes.  The back pocket was so big that I could fit a small baby in it, or a Chipotle burrito, whatever floats your boat.

4. Ordered White Chocolate Raspberry Mochas

Back when I said I loved coffee I would order these all the time.  This my friends is not coffee. Yes, if you want dessert, this would be an awesome drink. But that’s because its is a cup of sugar with a subtle hint of coffee. You will get a bigger buzz off the sugar than the caffeine and then you will crash hard.

3.  Collected Pokemon Cards

I was a closet collector.  At school I would say it was dumb, but when I got home I was busy trying to get that Charizard card.  What a waste of time, but still, kind of funny.

2. Bleached My Hair

There was a time I bleached my whole head. I would also frost my tips.  Well I guess it was the big thing then, but I looked especially ridiculous with golden hair because I had big poofy hair.

1. Listened To Creed

This is a big one to admit, but there was a time where I would actually turn on Creed because I wanted to.  Looking back, I don’t think I can call myself a musician for that period of my life. Yes I still think their drummer is solid, but Scott Stapp cannot sing. His growling voice appears in my nightmares still.

Well there you have it, 5 things that make me SMH.

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