5 Things I Love About Denmark

Denmark is a great country to tour with music. We’ve had a great response from the people over here and have had opportunities to talk about our lives. Besides it being really cold, I’m really enjoying my time here. Here are 5 things I love about Denmark. 5. People Walk A Lot To get around Read More

A Night On The Island

I’ve been touring Denmark with Jekob for about a week now. The weather is bone chilling cold and the coffee is great. We are learning more about the Danish culture and making new friends. Last night we played a show on an island called Samso, which is very small. You could drive across it in Read More

When I Survived

I’ve been a touring musician for over 5 years now and that means a lot of travelling. The drives get long and tuff, but its amazing to see the countryside go by with your friends. Travelling also means that you have to make drives you don’t want to do. I don’t like driving in winter Read More

Deaf & Determined

There is a buzz going around about deaf NFL player Derrick Coleman, who currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks. Featured in the Duracell batteries commercial above, he has a truly inspiring story about not letting his limitations determine his dreams. Even after going undrafted, he stuck with it and got picked up by the Seahawks. Read More

Location Based Music

Music can take an ordinary task and add a soundtrack to it.  A rainy drive is made better by a relaxing playlist or a hard workout is made easier by an energetic song. Music engages us in ways that words can’t. Ryan Holladay and his brother came up with the idea of a location based Read More

5 Things I Can’t Believe I Did

We all have those things that we wish we could go back and undo. A lot of the time its when we are following trends.  I’m probably going to look back in 10 years and wonder why I ever wore skinny jeans, but for now I don’t care.  Here are somethings that I did that Read More

Choose To Lose

“Its only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything” – Fight Club What if you didn’t care what other people thought? What if you didn’t have fear that you would fail? What would you do and how would you live your life? These are questions that I can’t always answer because sometimes Read More

Throwback Thursday | When I Fired God

What!? Luke you can’t just go and fire God, that doesn’t even make sense!  Well, I didn’t actually fire him, but I fired my view of him.  A few years back God did a lot of pruning in my life. He took away things that I was selfishly holding onto and not giving up to Read More

10 Things I’ve Learned Since Moving To Utah

Today marks one year of living in Ogden, Utah.  Last year I packed up my apartment in Tacoma, WA and headed to a state that had never appealed to me because God told me to.  It meant changes in friendships, weather, church, daily routines, and culture.  As I’m looking back over the past year and Read More

7 Wins From Italy

I’m sitting here in the JFK airport on a 7 hour layover waiting for our flight back home and reflecting on some of the victories we had in Italy. Its easy to view Italy as a vacation country and wonder why you would want to go there in a mission trip. Thats what I used Read More

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